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Commission Tiers

Revenue Share

The Villento Revenue share offers affiliates Revenue up to 35% of Casino Net Win. Affiliates start earning at the high percentage of 28%.

The earnings are as per the following table;

Net Revenue $0 – $14,999 $15,000 – $29,999 $30,000+
Tier percentage 28% 30% 35%

Net Revenue is defined as:

Bets - Payouts - Progressive contributions - Non-cash promotional items - Fraud costs

Large player wins resulting in Net Losses to the affiliate will be zeroed off each month, and affiliates will start the new month at zero balance.


Applications for CPA deals will be reviewed on an individual basis. Because of the high churn of players who register accounts purely to take advantage of promotions, Villento Affiliates needs to understand the source of the affiliate’s traffic before entering into any CPA arrangements.

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